What is this nonsense! REM and No Doubt to play at a celebration of Bono gig. Let me get this straight. This is not a gig for humanitarian causes, it is a gig to honour a humanitarian, in this case the old puffed up, pompous leather sofa of rock himself. Tanya could not have picked a better time to call attention to his so called good deeds. I don’t mind pop stars being politically active, and possibly it does some good. The the self congratulatory way that this is being done just shows how out of touch the so called bands with some kind of political consciousness are. I’d like to see Gwen Stefani down on bended knee going “Hey Bono, Hey Bono Hey, before you existed I didn’t know about the injustice of people who feel a bit numb.”

Stipe is obviously only doing it so he gets his own concert back. For raising awareness of the poor plight of people who look really ill, but aren’t.