Mochi Manifesto: another one for the sidebar (eventually) – music blog by Honda of ILM regularity, with a semi-focus on electronic sounds. Which is always good to see, especially since we neglect them cos the joke potential is low. Meanwhile you might also look at The Church Of Me, Marcello Carlin’s weblog which is already in the sidebar. And while we’re at it I was very happy to see that Jejune is still going. It’s not about music but back when I was part of the ‘weblog community’ it was one of my favourite sites. There’s no reason why it should have stopped of course other than my solipsistic feeling that everything on the Interweb slows down when I’m not paying attention to it. Speaking of which it’s time for a shake-up of the so-called ‘favourite sites’ on your right given that half of them never update and are therefore staffed by cockfarmers.