Is it Be With Me by Mis-teeq or B With Me – even the bands website is not clear how it wants to spell it. Spelling aside I had a chance radio encounter on the bus (the best place to encounter new music) and it made me break out in a broad grin. Really there is no call for for a record quite this summery in January, and I can only think that this might harm the singles chances to do exceptionally well. That and it being the fourth single off the album. But what a joyous noise it is, it showcases all the good sides of the band whilst playing down the cookie-cutter R’n’B stereotypes they have occasionally fallen in with. There is a garage flavour but the whole affair is much more Caribbean – with a real carnival style atmosphere. The chatting section is fantastic, dropping out of the beat completely and tantalising us with a “is it sped up, is it one of the girls” allure. All suggesting that this is the year the British MC makes it big, when even the pop records are doing it. A bit of sunshine in a cold grey winter? Maybe its as simple and as cynical as slinging steel drums on the track. But even if you take cynicism into account it still makes this a truly London concoction.