Bookies refuse to run a book on the Brits… And I don’t blame them. Not because I think they are fixed, though some of the picks for members of the so-called Brit Academy may seem somewhat odd (coughs). I would trust the Electroal Reform Society if they are running a ballot, and they are running this one. That said the voting took place last November, and the shortlist is not a shortlist the winners are chosen from. The winners have already been chosen, its all part of the same vote. The shortlist for all the catagories which aren’t picked by Radio 1 listeners, or Pop Cereal eaters, therefore represent the top five in their catagory. To work that out via single transferable vote would also mean that whoever did that – and probably a lot more people too – know whohas won each catagory.

If I was a Bookie I wouldn’t go near it.