Just to counter the Scrit-Bit below, heres Kevin Pearce on them, from Tangents. He tears into Songs To Remember, Scritti Politti’s just-reissued 1982 album, essentially accusing it of a kind of treachery, and asserts that history has judged what Green and co. were doing wrong. I – you won’t be astonished to learn – don’t agree: for a start I feel appeals to ‘posterity’ are dubious, especially coming from a writer who has championed the forgotten so eloquently. For another thing I think what Scritti Politti and their (heh) ‘fellow travellers’ were doing is subtler than Pearce does – I think in fact that the Scritti of Songs (and of Cupid And Psyche 85, their peak) is very much engaged in the same game as the Scritti of “Skank Bloc”. Hopefully sometime soon I’ll get around to talking about why.