Pitchfork reviews Basement Jaxx, exhibiting amusing boy’s-club groin-fear: “The shrill, sex-crazed drivel distracts the listener’s ear from the underlying instrumentation, which sometimes has a lot to offer”. Sex-crazed? Blimey! Tart and tasty single-of-the-summer “Romeo” is predictable, shallow, bland and cliched, apparently, but don’t worry, o chastened Jaxx-fans, one or two tracks pass muster. On “Broken Dreams”, f’rinstance, “Sha’s refined, bubbly female vocals are more Stereolab than Salt’N’Pepa” – well, that’s all right then! Though anyone who prefers Stereolab-stereotype ba-ba-ba to “Push It” probably needs Rooty far more than we need to find out what he thinks of it.