Clear Channel’s List of Songs With Objectionable Lyrics: A response to the events of September 11 focuses on the lyrics of 150 or so radio standards, including “all songs by Rage Against the Machine.” Lyric-broadcasting in times like this, where sensitivities are a bit higher than usual, is definitely a delicate balancing act—I had more than a few “is this okay?” moments during a radio program I hosted on Saturday —but on the flip side, I’ve been listening to the Temple of the Dog album all week (it kicks off with the currently blacklisted “Say Hello 2 Heaven”), and it’s been one of the few calming popcultural artifacts in my orbit. It’s the crassly stitched-together “disaster specials” (AC staples like Don Henley’s “New York Minute” or C. Dion’s “My Bleeding Heart Will Forever And Ever Go On, Even Though I Claim To Have Retired” with special news footage layered over the instrumental bits) that are completely abhorrent, capitalizing on last week’s events through emotion-jerking that can be teased as “lighting up the phone lines and coming up after “Alone” by Heart,” or squeezed between the traffic report and (the not banned!) “Let Me Blow Your Mind.”