My Indie Life: five old pieces find their way into the FT archives, to make up for my being too busy to produce a new bit of writing this week (don’t worry – Ned has a few goodies lined up for an update towards the end of the week). They document in gruesome detail my love-hate relationship with indie pop, of the sensitive boy stripe. From 1999, reviews of Spearmint (an album I find very hard to listen to now), and ginger steps toward rehabilitating The Wedding Present. Then the epic Belle And Sebastian essay, about that band’s strengths and the community that cherishes them, and my conversation with my conscience about liking this sort of stuff in the first place. And finally my review of Suburban Light by The Clientele, still my favourite record of last year.

These aren’t up on the archives page yet because my connection this morning has fallen down the arse pipe.

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