Freaky Trigger Is Back. See you down the pub.

OK, in more detail – yes, we are back, with a minimalist design for now, and with a bunch of new articles and features (Ned the Ed tells all here). The thing I should really boost right here right now is Michael Daddino’s Pornography Of Semiotics weblog – 24 hours in the life of MTV, logged by Mike before your very eyes. Link or you’ll miss it!

NYLPM will continue as it ever has – but we’ll be spotlighting new additions to Freaky Trigger’s archives as they get transferred to our new site. The FT of old had several hundred articles, and we’ll be putting them up bit by bit, and letting you know what’s there.

And if you like Freaky Trigger, please please pass the word around, whether by linking to it or telling friends. As an independent zine, word-of-mouth is our lifeblood. Thanks for reading!