BROADCAST – “Come On Let’s Go” / “Dead The Long Year”

Not a review so much as a suggestion and a glimpse. A suggestion that people think of Broadcast too much as sound curators and mood builders, casting old Radiophonic spells and calling up great cold shapes and turning them into these records full of sorrow and mystery. And a glimpse of some other reasons to value them.

“Come On Let’s Go” for example, because Broadcast are songwriters and for all its clockwork catwalk swing this is a great love song. You can imagine an understated place where a shrug means as much as a look, and a look means as much as a kiss, and where this gets sung and means as much as “Reach Out I’ll Be There”.

And “Dead The Long Year” because Broadcast are modernists with a good ear. Which other ‘alternative’ band is making records which sound so uncannily, wonderfully like RZA productions?