FT vs the Cockfarmers: Update: The cockfarmers have won. Ha! OK, no, the situation re. the domain name is that we’ve not got it and that you should under no circumstances go to freakytrigger.com and give the people who do any money. As least if it had been porn it would have been something to look at.

As the front page of the old site indicates, Freaky Trigger is taking a break and will return, better than ever, in June, at a spangly new address. I’m actually relieved about the whole thing as it’s allowed me to take a step back and have a think about where the site is going and what it’s for.

NYLPM will be moving to that selfsame spangly new address when we re-launch: for now, this is it as far as pop content is concerned. Except that if you want more passionate pop writing you should really be investigating the forum (I Love Music) linked above. Thanks for the support and keep reading.