Its the little things which show that your currency is low…. Spotted on the Seven Sisters Road – a newly opened 99p shop (like a £1 shop but just that little bit cheaper). The in-store special offer: spend £20 and you get a free Oasis T-Shirt. Bargain – you say – until you examine this offer closely.

Everything in the shop costs 99p. They have a stock of Oasis T-Shirts. Obviously they thought that no-one would buy them for even this meagre amount. Indeed to get a free T-Shirt you would need to buy twenty one items from this shop – an unlikely event since all such shops stock is tat (and Slovak detergent). The T-Shirt itself is a white one, pre-everyone leaving the band where they are obviously thinking about leaving the band. Surely it would make better sense to send them to the Indian Earthquake appeal or something. At least then they might become familiar to millions.