OK you lot listen up. Some people were apparently mighty offended by the indie kids article and now no indie kid will talk to me. Which is a tragedy because, you see, deep down…


And here’s why.

1) Their drug of choice. This is very important. Other ‘scenes’ are driven by speed, pot, acid, smack, coke, et bloody cetera, but no scene since the very wonderful pub rock has embraced BOOZE with quite the alacrity of indie kids. Frankly you cannot go wrong when you have a plastic glass of cheap lager in your hand.

2) Some indie records are really good. If life has kicked you in the teeth once again and you are feeling sorry for yourself, particularly in a, y’know, romantic kind of way….well, then that 2-CD Kaiji Haino didgeridoo meditation is not going to cut it. And nor is the Sugababes CD, much as it pains me to admit it. In such a situation, YOU NEED INDIE.

3) They’re so cute when they’re angry.