Now the publishing thing seems a little smoother a few more words on those Tangents articles – Everett True contributes a lengthy and fascinating Dexy’s Midnight Runners interview which, awkward pauses and all, reads like the Don’t Stand Me Down lyric sheet (compliment, silly). David O. MacGowan has written an excellent thinkpiece about the self-construction of cultural meaning with reference to an ATR live album (for more noise sleevenote action he should of course check out the speed-fuelled rantings on Metal Machine Music, in fact checking out MMM full stop is generally recommended). Marino Guida has covered a variety of subjects with his usual elegance – fans of the Josh Blog are encouraged particularly to read Guida’s pieces: after his incisive write-up of “Kicker Conspiracy” I’d have liked to see him flip the single and tackle “Wings”, though, cause it’s possibly my favourite Fall tune ever.

There’s also an article about fillums. But I don’t know my arse from my elbow when it comes to fillums.