You’llhave seen this already, probably, Pitchfork’s Top 20 of 2000. Top 20 what? Albums, obviously. Radiohead come top – sorry to spoil the surprise and all.

Actually the ‘head album is the one on this rundown which comes closest to making my own albums list*: I’ve warmed to Radiohead (“warmed” seems an odd word) a lot recently and might give Kid A another play or two yet. But the rest of Pitchfork’s list raises hackles, eyebrows, yawns, and a grudging sense of admiration that at least here is a ‘zine with a well-defined aesthetic. They like big albums that seem Important, which leads to predictable placings for GYBE and Sigur Ros (neither of whom I’m too down on though their epic stylings feel oddly irrelevant) but also to their rating the mercilessly awful and trite Grandaddy album.

I have to say, though, that their conviction that Clinic’s Internal Wrangler is a bold new rock direction and not a disappointing tinny shrug is endearing: boys, boys, get the (superb) Clinic singles compilation from ’99, which is cheaper and so much sparkier.

*which you’re not going to see here, but e-mail me if you’re really that interested.