The best thing I ever seen Eminem do, since we have spoken of him lots in recent days, came this weekend. It was so bizarrely fascinating that I feel the need to let you all in on it. We were watching MTV, which had a show on basically accusing Britney Spears of being slutty for the way she dresses, and featured a truly agonizing segment of Britney sitting on a chair, watching a tape of people on the street in front of MTV studios degrading her (intersperced with a handful of girls defending her, including two friends who got into a bit of a fight when one said, “If you had her body, you’d dress like that too” – you just know the next line was “You think I’m fat??”). Eminem came on and said that he, Eminem, thought that Britney Spears was a bad influence on his daughter. Eminem. Eminem said this. Eminem had the nerve to call someone a bad influence on children!!!

This is made much more funnier in light of the fact that the show that lead into the Britney-bash-athon was a show about Eminem being a bad influence on popular culture, littered with comments by him stating that parents should be responsible for their children’s behavior and it’s all in good fun.