what i listened to yesterday:

didn’t listen to anything till i got home from work. then:

sunny day real estate — “seven”: wanted to see if it was as hair-metal as i remembered. it was.

smashing pumpkins — siamese dream up through “geek usa” over dinner. anthemic, exciting, dramatic, poignant.

first six tracks from main — motion pool. tried studying through it first then realized how tired i was and how distracting the music was. switched off the lights and lay in bed for a while. found the music cold. switched it off.

seppuku — the awesome houses of earth’s innocents while i actually studied: at first i was disappointed at how little this recording seemed to live up to the intensity of this ottawa avant composition/improv group’s live shows. this time i started to like it better in an ambient/cageian kind of way. moments of beauty.

william walton — bagatelle no. 2/ reginald smith-brindle — prelude no. 2 and prelude no. 3: listened to myself practise these on the guitar.

listened to my processed indian harmonium piece while i tried to notate it. annoying task.

shellac — 1000 hurts while i studied some more. i’ve been very impressed by this album, my first shellac album. sparse, tight, biting, bitter. the out-of-phase guitar and bass parts at the end of “song against itself” are great. even the “canaveral” solo is growing on me.

at the pub, heard a mix of 80s and funk and disco stuff. the only songs i recognized were “sweet child o’ mine” and “le freak.”

as i went to bed: immersion — low impact. very pretty minimalism from colin newman and malka spigel. just when i thought straight minimalism might be over for me.