What I Listened To today; where. Abridged. In order:

1. DR DRE – “Lil Ghetto Boy”; on the bus there.
2. SPICE GIRLS – “Holler”; in HMV.
3. BLACK STAR/TALIB KWELI – ?; in a shop (note: this could have been anything but it sounded like it was Talib Kweli. Maybe the Reflection Eternal album?).
4. DR DRE – “Fuck Wit Dre Day”; on the bus home.
5. a1 – “Same Old Brand New You; on Blue Peter
6. DJ H FEAT. STEFY – “I Like It”; at home (one of only three tracks on this list I chose to hear, I bought this because I thought it might be H from Steps. It’s quite good. Still not sure if it’s H).
7. TECHNOHEAD – “I Wanna Be A Hippy”; in the pub (note: cut off after about 15 seconds when the bar staff realised what was on the CD).
8. UNDERWORLD – “Born Slippy”; in the pub (on the jukebox – someone selected it right after Technohead was turned off).
9. ARTFUL DODGER presents CRAIG DAVID – “Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)”; in the bowling alley (note: I wasn’t bowling, but playing pool. That’s important).
10. BACCARA – “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”; on Never Mind The Buzzcocks (when I came home and flicked the telly on).

Conclusion: Tom soundtracks his life; I just listen to music.