POP-EYE U.S. – 11/02/00

finally, some movement in the top five on billboard’s hot 100 charts. it seems music fans countrywide have come to their senses as christina aguilera’s “come on over baby” falls from its perch, replaced by…um…creed’s “with arms wide open.” (this is progress?) the song took twenty-seven weeks to hit number one and it did so because it was released as a commercial single with some of the proceeds going to a charity created by lead singer scott sapp. which is a good thing. but the charity is called the “make ‘with arms wide open’ number one” foundation. which is a bad thing. (ed. – and it’s also not true. the charity, “with arms wide open,” helps kids and i’ll thank you not to make light of it.)

madonna, God love her, hangs in at number two with “music” and 3 doors down stay at number 3 with “kryptonite.” aguilera tumbles to number four and destiny’s child’s “independent women” moves into the number five spot presaging its parent film charlie’s angels’ monstrous success at the box office this weekend. help. there was also some movement within the top, but nothing moved in or out.

the backstreet boys’ “shape of my heart” moves up to number 12, getting closer to the top as we near the release of their new album. and, hey, doesn’t that video of theirs just screamwe are adults. ‘nsync, you are welcome to the pre-teens, but we shall cater to those looking for more than splashy videos and toytown production.” this week also sees hits by sisqo, ruff endz, and matchbox 2-, er, twenty (excuse me, i’ve forgotten that they’ve matured and numbers, like trix, are for kids. i’m personally waiting for blink-one-hundred-and-eighty-two)move back into the top 20, marking a strange trend of singles moving up in the charts after they’ve fallen from the top ten.

that concludes this week’s edition of pop-eye u.s. next week, though, will destiny’s child bestride the charts much like the film that spawned their hit? will christina aguilera continue to freefall? will the backstreet boys finally hit the top ten, as i’ve asked the last couple of weeks? will creed’s “higher” rise from the bowels of the charts to overtake their own “with arms wide open”? come back thursday for all of those answers and more…um, i’m being told that you shouldn’t wait until thursday to return, that you should regularly check back at nylpm for all of the best that the web has to offer. yes.