Do rappers live in the studio? You really have to wonder, based on the sheer amount of post-death output that seems to occur. Now Big Pun is releasing a new album, in February, even though he died months ago. Tupac has “new” material coming out, Biggie does…when does it end? Are they actually dead? Are their “friends” just splicing together old lyrics to make new songs now? Are they taking bad, unfinished studio tracks in a Beatlesesque attempt to cash in? It’s not just rappers, of course – Nirvana released an album a few years after Kurt Cobain’s died, Sublime is still releasing stuff featuring their dead lead. I’m also certain that if Prince died today, we’d still have another 30 years of Prince releases backed up. The concentration of this behavior, however, is in the rap community and I can only wonder – just how much do these guys record?