Quick Round-Up of what’s new and good on vaguely affiliated sites, since I’m probably going to be too a) busy b) glum c) banjaxed by server arse to do much today.

– Fred reviews the new Johnny Cash album.: I think it’s one of Fred’s best reviews. And the album might be good too: you need to hear Cash’s version of “I See A Darkness”, that I do know.
Josh talks about music and emotion: an interesting discussion which would be more so if I knew more Mogwai. Possibly, anyway, though Mogwai leaves me inert, and not in the desirable way Josh is on about either.
Tim talks about Green Velvet and house music, and makes it all sound extremely tasty.
– Ally hasn’t talked about music much this week, but this is probably my favourite recent blog entry anyhow. And yes, after hearing the same live tracks as her I am very keen to hear the Pulp album, too. More on that later should I find the time.
– Tim lays into Creation Records.

All these people deserve your attention, I think. I only wish some of them would write the odd Freaky Trigger article, too….