More Holler superficiality – but if you cannot be superficial about pop music then what can you be? I find it most interesting that while ver Spices are back together at the moment, that Melanie’s B & C’s solo careers still seem to be chugging along at medium speed. C starts a brief solo tour next week. B just released her lacklustre album.

However what interests me most is the obvious imagery used in the video for Holler. Our Spice Girls, noticing that they are now four, have decided to theme themselves after another famous quadrapartite system – earth, air, fire and water. Personally I think they would have been better picking the four humours, or vapours – but then there would have been the obvious problem of assigning black bile (though I think Posh is a shoe in for phlegm). Problem is with this scheme is that the pairings are too obvious. Scary = fire :because fire is scary, and she’s fiesty and hot tempered. Sporty = earth: to be kind its because she is a salt of the earth type. To be unkind its because she’s a bit grubby and northern. Baby = water: because she is frankly wet – and undergoing eye widening surgery to look like a Powerpuff Girl. Which unfortunately leaves Posh = air, or wind as the video would have it – perhaps because given a half decent gust she would be blown away.

Holler, and its AA-side which is actually a B-side (or backside), is pretty much the worst thing the Spice Girls have released. It is not even bad enough to be memorable – at least Mama had this distinction. Still, it will be number one, and it will be in the top fifty percent of number ones in the UK this year. This however is not too hard considering the Westlife dominance.