And the point of novelty songs is…?: Anyone who is currently living in New York will know what I’m talking about, but for those of you who don’t, let’s give you an appraisal of the situation: Z100, the big pop station in the city, currently has at least 3 novelty sports songs playing in heavy rotation. There’s “Who Let The Mets Out?”, which is exactly what you think it is: “Who Let The Dogs Out” set to a disco beat but about the Mets instead of about dogs. Then there’s the Yankees songs. Last year’s big hit has come back to haunt us; “How Ya Doin’ Yanks?” is possibly the strangest, most Village People song I’ve ever heard used as a sports anthem. Then there’s the new one, “Pin Stripin'”, which is this horrendous parody of “Big Pimpin'” except about baseball (but of course). This is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever listened to, including Radiohead’s last two albums and 98 Degrees’ new single. If Jay-Z had anything to do with it, he should just shoot himself right now.

I know the sports song isn’t a purely American phenomenon; other countries have made a big event out of the soccer/football song. Why does this urge exist though? The songs are invariably awful, but people buy them. So, I’ve asked the question in I Love Music, and I’m truly curious as to who listens to these songs and why they exist. Some of them have become huge hits, like “The Cup Of Life”, so obviously someone loves them.