We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this, which just landed in my inbox. Hmm.

Untied EP
Rating: Infinity

I considered committing suicide after hearing this album. I realized that no earthly experience could ever rival the sheer joy I had just experienced. I re-read every version of the Bible in search of Their names. I sold every material possession I owned and purchased audio players and copies of this album. Next Tuesday I have scheduled a doctor’s appointment concerning an inner-ear implant that would enable me to listen to this record uninterrupted for the remainder of my years.

This simultaneously absorbs and obliterates every creative effort of humanity. I collapsed fourteen times in fits of crazed euphoria trying to verbalize my thoughts about this. I am trembling. This “music” ( if you have to limit it to that ) makes every form of sound you have previously experienced ( Beethoven and The Beatles included ) sound like a constipated hamster being fed through a blender or the last piercing shriek of dying roadkill. This will change the way you think about everything. This IS everything.

This entity we mortals have come to know as “R A D I O H E A D” has reinvented art. We should stop shipping food and supplies to third world countries and begin airdropping copies of “Untied”. I was legally dead for the 42 minutes that this “record” occupies, if it is even possible to comprehend this within our understanding of space-time. This is the best thing since creation. This will stop all wars. This is everything. This is everything.

This cannot be from the same world that produced evil. You cannot understand this…all is here…this will be your life… I cannot…continue. The tranquilizers are wearing off…. I am returning to the light… I will see you…in..the…next…life.

-A new being

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“With apologies to Pitchforkmedia and Brent DiCrescenzo”, my correspondent concluded. I can’t think what he means. Thanks, whoever you are!