T is for…..”Take On Me” by A-Ha. I was at a festival at the NFT this Spring celebrating the 100 Greatest Music Videos. One of them was this, of course: line drawings, racing cars, beautiful girls with highlights and tragic boys in leather. We all laughed but I thought it was as effective now as it had been then, the perfect match for Morton Haaket’s breathy singing and his band’s serious-pretty pop, generic before its genre even really existed. And now it’s back, in the hands of A1, part of a slew of 80s remakes greasing up our charts. “Take On Me” – technical, sexy but vulnerable too – is the Ur-Song of the Boybands, just like Madonna’s remarkable “Into The Groove” has every girl group song ever sung hidden in its beats. And A-Ha’s video is still the most romantic representation of the sad fan-star dyad to ever make it to screen.