Here’s a comment from Sundar Subramanian about the Cale/Conrad/MacLise/Young/Zazeela Day Of Niagara release, which I was raving about last week.:

“as a big fan of new york minimalism i was surprised that you seem to have got way more out of this release than i did and you made me want to give it another listen as i’ll do tonight). compared to dream syndicate boots of, say, “the fire and the mirror,” it seemed to me to have far less sonic depth and variety. struck me on my first three listens as a relatively simplistic squealing and gave me a headache each time. acoustic effects resulting from the tuning seemed barely audible unlike on, say, _the second dream_ or _the well-tuned piano_ where they were gloriously explored and exploited. i even thought early velvets boots (or “black angel” for that matter) were more interesting. i really will try to listen again tonight with a different perspective.

and the velvets were never indie.”