Speaking now with the benefit of hard-won years of musical experience, this is bobbins. Chinless singing; boxy, stilted drumming; nowhere lyrics – and to cap it all it doesn’t even have any whooshsome Ride guitar rushes to recommend it. But I thought it was ace ten years ago, and by heaven a good part of me does still. It’s got the prettiest melody Ride ever wrote (even when they decided proper songs were where it was at they never managed a song as proper as this), if you screwed your eyes up hard enough you could make out a danceable beat, and even the string stuff does its job with rather more understatement and dignity than string stuff on British alt.records usually manages. And, well – oh, let’s face it, it reminds me of being a kid and having crushes on everyone I met. Indie nostalgia – how ghastly. Anyone fancy a snog?