Last To The Links Dept.: Feed writes about marketing the alternative and everyone seems either pragmatic or defeatist about the new indie music trend in car ads (which I personally find just as annoying as the soulboy chic that dominated ads in the late 80s or the techno/trip-hop/drum-n-bass ad ubiquity last decade, simply because it pisses me off to hear only a sliver of a song at once, and I’m also old skool in that I think there shouldn’t be set visuals associated with a song – yes, I’m anti-videos too, gripe gripe, get back to the 70s you Luddite). Anyway, this link via Josh who got it via Catherine, and in fact it was originally pointed out to me by Stevie from Papercuts. Phew!

The question of course is: are there any tracks which it’s still impossible to imagine advertisers using? We should limit ourselves to what is broadly known as ‘alternative’ music, since for reasons not solely to do with the swearing and sexism we’re unlikely to hear too many hardcore hip-hop soundtracks. (Actually maybe loads of ads in America have DMX soundtracks, but I doubt it). I’ll try and think of a few and post them later. Meanwhile, your suggestions please).