Oval: Ovalprocess: Pitchfork Review “Try listening to Brian Eno’s Music for Airports in choppy RealAudio. Hear that? Digital clicks, random bursts of static, and underwater compression swim over icy electronic drones, numbing your mind into a state of paralysis. Now imagine spending $12 for it.”. Ho ho – fine review of the ‘new’ Oval record from Pitchfork, with agreeable opinions and good gags, mostly blogged so I can ask: what is it with this “squirm genre” they seem hell-bent on inventing? Has there been an editorial decision to run with the name? It’s a feeble genre name because squirming is an instinctive, gut reaction, whereas the music being described is all about process, it’s the least instinctive music ever made. (Don’t play any to Joe Carducci, for goodness sake!).