Here’s what josh blog is asking people to do:

Think about the CDs you like the most; they can be current favorites or all time favorites, or whatever. For the most part, do you like every single song on them, or are there some you sort of abide by until something better comes along? Feel free to elaborate to make your response clearer (especially if my question assumes too much). Also, try to include a bit about albums you like, but which might not make your favorite albums ever. Try to distinguish between liking each song as a single, and as part of an album.

The odd thing is that despite my singlesmania I do like my favourite albums as albums, and am willing to overlook tracks which on their own I might consider duff. My problem is – and this is also why I don’t turn into a review machine – that there are so few albums that I actually like unreservedly. If you look at my Top 100 Albums, apart from the fact that it’s completely out of date anyway, the thing I’ve realised is that even by about No.50 I’m listing albums which I feel have some pretty major flaws. It’s the flaws and reservations that often make things interesting to write about, mind you.

Specifics. Two of my favourite albums I think are pretty much solid gold hitz from start to end: It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back is unflaggingly amazing, and the Go-Betweens’ Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express is about the most solid collection of ‘proper songs’ I know. But there are records I adore which have a lot of flawed tracks (most Pixies albums have a knock-off or two) or even an outright stinker (that godawful long ballad on Blood On The Tracks).