‘DOCK’ BOGGS – “Pretty Polly”
BAN THIS SICK RECORD! “Pretty Polly” is a misogynist tract full of hatred and bile, narrating the killing of a defenseless girl from the amoral murderer’s point of view. It is not going too far to say that it turned my stomach. Of course artists in the blues genre have made records full of hatred and violence before, but “Pretty Polly” goes way beyond that. And yet, critics of the stature of Greil Marcus are giving the critical equivalent of blow-jobs to this hate-filled man. Is it because he is a good looking white boy with a nasal voice and idiosyncratic musical style? Nobody sane could listen to “Pretty Polly” and see it as anything other than disgusting trash – however, by buying ‘Dock’ Boggs’ 78, literally hundreds if not thousands of music fans are directly supporting hate. Those who claim a distinction between art and real life are liberal do-gooders who do not understand that the mass audience for Boggs’ so-called works are a thousand times more stupid than me or any of my friends. I say again, SQUASH BOGGS LIKE THE BUG HE IS! (review inspired by this, which I found via Danicki)