Ain’t Nuttin’ But A G Thang For Becks – fantastic! Apparently the newspaper New Nation claimed that David Beckham was “a walking tribute to Tupac Shakur”.

This news has been out a month, so why has no one jumped on it? I think this is an excellent story: “Beckham is hardcore.” The British public wants to see Becks writing for Hip Hop Connection!

Fred questioned why the British are obsessed with “Thick and Thin” and this is another example of that obsession. The Beckhams are our national treasures because the story just gets stranger and stranger. Victoria achieved world domination with the Spice Girls (it’ll be interesting to see how their new material does after such a long break, though…) and Beckham is one of the greatest footballers of his generation. The interest arises from the fact that both appear to be somewhat lacking in intelligence and Victoria’s raw musical talent is questionable to say the least. With more stories appearing daily about the pair (Beckham’s a Tupac tribute, Victoria’s anorexic, Brooklyn’s got the same boots as his dad, Victoria’s recording solo material…) they’re the sports/music gossip writer’s dream.

If only they’d now re-make “World In Motion” with Becks taking John Barnes’ part.