Hey Hey Hey! NYLPM seems to be getting hosts of (undoubtedly one-off) new readers thanks to a link from the mighty western homes. Come on in, you know you’re welcome here! But to find out whether or not you want to stick around, here’s a listlet of my favourite albums and singles of all time ever today. If it repels you, best click that back button before further grief ensues….

BEST SINGLES EVER (subject to extreme change):
DONNA SUMMER – “I Feel Love”
THE TRASHMEN – “Surfin’ Bird”
THE PIXIES – “Debaser”
ROXY MUSIC – “Virginia Plain”
THE SHANGRI-LA’S – “Give Him A Great Big Kiss”

BEST ALBUMS EVER (subject to possibly less change):
PUBLIC ENEMY – “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back”
BOB DYLAN – “Blood On The Tracks”
PET SHOP BOYS – “Discography”
KRAFTWERK – “Trans-Europe Express”