Fleischer on Madonna’s Pie: ho ho ho ho, Madonna’s Pie, geddit? “In Madonna’s hands, the song ceases to pertain to its subject matter.” – yes, and that’s a good thing, since the ‘subject matter’ in question is a tedious sentimentalisation of rock history which was mawkish in 1971 and seems more indefensibly premature with every passing year. Of course, it was a bad thing Buddy Holly et al. died, but that only puts “American Pie” on a level, aesthetically, with “I’ll Be Missing You”. And even Puffy didn’t have the hubris to say the music was dead without Biggie.

What Madonna seems to have done is got all MacLean’s awful, coyly allusive lyrics, and struck through the ones which didn’t make any sense. Unfortunately she couldn’t change the chorus, but that can’t be helped. She also cleaned up the song so you could actually hear the hook, which readers might be surprised to learn does exist.

Chris Roberts pointed out long ago that “American Pie” contains one teenpop lyrical gem (“Well I know that you’re in love with him / Cos I saw you dancing in the gym”) and not much else – I get the feeling Madonna would agree, and good for her.

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