DUEL!: Skunk Anansie vs Primal Scream.

A slight lack of updates yesterday as we all got down to the Pop Music Focus Group. Ballots were sent out Sunday, votes in by next Saturday, but more importantly a good time was had by all (oh, my aching head). In November, the next time one of these comes around, I pledge to: a) arrange it earlier so that more of the people who wanted to come can come (Magnus, Stevie, Guy, et al: I’m sorry), and b) see if I can sort out some kind of chat/IRC link-up – if anyone thinks that’s a good idea.

Anyway over the next week or so NYLPM will be running Mike Daddino’s long and detailed comments on the last focus group selection. I’ve been sitting on these fine reviews for ages so it’s nice to do something with them at last.