This is not a music review since the Bloodhound Gang’s single is atrocious knocked-off gimmick-core which you’d have to be as mad as a million bees to buy. What this is is a deploration of bands who quote their lyrics on stickers on the single, in this case the “let’s do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel” line. The assumption being made is that the single’s audience is too stupid to remember the bands and song titles they like and instead will go “Uh, whoa, it’s that song about doing it on the Discovery Channel” and fork out accordingly. The assumption is entirely correct, but it still begs the question of why the Bloodhound Gang didn’t call their track “Discovery Channel” in the first place. The Gang offer no answers, but appear on the sleeve in threadbare bloodhound outfits, the zany fellers. Which may provide a clue.