I have no idea whether Pitchfork is right about Steely Dan’s Two Against Nature, because having asked for and got the record for my birthday I’ve played less than a third of it, out of a fear that it sounds exactly like Brent DiCrescenzo says it does. But it’s a funny review anyway, right up to the last paragraph.

What’s really funny, though, is that on the same day as giving SD a 1.6, DJ Food gets a 9.3 in a review which made my eyes bug out with rage. Regular readers of FT will no doubt be able to spot the red-rag phrases. Meanwhile I’m off to listen to Nasenbluten.

Oh, one other thing. You can tell Pitchfork has ‘arrived’, because cool young music sites like kempa are spluttering about its jaded reviewers, just like cool young fanzines used to do about the NME.