The problem with hitch-hiking with a bloke that you don’t share a language with is that you often have little idea where you are going. I’d pointed west to him and he smiled with a gappy grinned that reminded me of Elton John after I had smashed all his teeth out (not that I have ever done it, but I have certainly imagined it enough for it to stick in my brain). And they did not seem to have any rules about how long a truck driver could drive for, so as I fell asleep in the cab I did not expect to be four hundred miles away when I woke up the next morning. I was also surprised to see a roman script on all the signs.

“Where are we” I asked him.
He made some signs to me to suggest he did not understand. Oh how I wish I had his lack of faculty with the English language when I had first heard a Manic Street Preachers record.
“Where, stop.”
“No stop,” he said – which I found hard to believe. “Hanoi.”

It seemed a little bit out of my way, but that was not what worried me most. Hanoi was half of the name of Hanoi Rocks – a Swedish band so poor it made Abba look kind of okay. So at the next junction I jumped out of the cab to try and find myself a different way west through My Vietnam

P!NK – My Vietnam

She’s a funny cove is that Pink. When she isn’t going around without Pink hair thus completely negating the point of her name she’s making songs criticising what she sees as stupid pop stars. Which strikes me to be considerably stupid when you do it in the form of POP SONG.

So let’s look at another form of stupidity from Miss NK. Why let’s look at exhibit A (and we only need one exhibit). Her song “My Vietnam”. In which she describes how her Dad was a soldier and went to Vietnam. One assumes that that is supposed to be “his Vietnam” something bolstered by the fact of it actually being Vietnam.

However P!nk herself has her own personal Vietnam. Life keeps dropping bombs on her. Its unclear what kind of bombs, though one would assume not the kind that do any physical damage (worse luck)as she still seems to be able to continue the song. Instead she suggests that not really being any good at School and her relationship with her mother might be her Vietnam.

Let’s review. On the one side we have bombs, people dying and senseless slaughter. On the other side we have a few arguments and a the odd Grade F. JUST LIKE VIETNAM. I’ll be dropping bombs on her, which will probably leave her hair anything but Pink. That’ll put the ! in her name.