Day 5: North Atlantic Drift

After the first days stormy sea, today we seem caught almost in the doldrums (except I know where the doldrums are). Captain Jack, a surprisingly young sea dog who has the most appalling personal hygiene has informed us that were are caught in the North Atlantic Drift, which will be carrying us for the next few days. I must admit I feel very nervous being a Drifter, not least because I get mild vertigo and Up On The Roof has always made me feel queasy.

Crispian seems to be enjoying himself playing with the ships cat, and once I broke the tannoy and CD player the whole ship has been a wondefully music free event. This is the life for me, just stopping into port to get a refill of alcohol. But I know it is not a sustainable way of life for many of the millions blighted by lousy music. Still, the quiet and near solitude has been a perfect place to plan my future attacks on sound. If only Crispian would keep it down with that cat.

Ocean Colour Scene: The North Atlantic Drift

A song, much like the geographical phenomenon. Seemingly endless, dull, bobbing. A long drag of tedium endulled by lyrics which thud in like huge tabs of Mogadon. What was the point of Ocean Colour Scene? What was the point of them recording a song like this? A classic piece of stream of consciousness rambling, when that stream is golden coloured and coming out the collective penis of OCS. Piss poor. Well, what did you expect.