NEWS FEED: Surely this is what Camp X-Ray is for

Obviously I have a soft spot of Cat Stevens, or Yusef Islam or , (actually is it not a touch suspicious how many names he has had, like he was on the run). He used to be a musician, realised how rubbish he was, and stopped.

On the downside that he was so rubbish that even though he changed his name and devoted his life to higher learning, it does not excuse crimes like Father And Son. And rightly teh US do not want him on their territory. But does that mean he has to be sent back you the UK. When Camp X-Ray is finally emptied of its boiler suited illegally held captives (muisic was banned in Afghanistan fer chrissake, how bad can they be) I have an idea for a new use. Pop Star Penitentiary. With an Ecclectic Electric Chair for people like Bjork and Damon Albarn.