“Sit with my family, drink some English tea
Then I raise my finger and watch football on TV”

Never mind that Brian bellows “football on TV” as if he is the prophet Jeremiah having a vision of the fall of Jerusalem, the burning question here is “Why does New Realer Brian need to raise his finger?”. The possibilities include:

1/ He is raising his little finger in genteel tea-drinking style, because Real Brian is Real in all things and this is the Real Way To Drink Tea.

2/ He is raising his middle finger to get sweary at his family, the tea or the TV. This is because he is a tough stubbly rock star now and that’s what they do.

3/ He is raising his finger and magically summoning the football, because he has mystical powers over TV. Personally I am backing this theory, as I can think of no other reason why his extraordinarily shit video is always on it.