“Get a round, get a round, I get a round” – methinks thou dost protest too much, Brian Wilson. First to the sandpit, last to the bar. I have no first-hand knowledge of whether the rotund surf bard gets his in, of course; it is not my habit to drink with musicians. But by analogy one can demonstrate that Wilson was no friend to the equitable booze payment. He was ever one to duck out of taking his turn.

For instance: Wilson made “Pet Sounds” (a false promise – sadly it’s not only pets who can hear it). Fair do’s, said The Beatles, it’s our shout, and they came back with Sergeant Pepper’s. When it was Wilson’s turn again, did he do the honourable thing and get his album in? No he did not: he ducked out of “Smile” and slunk off home. Do we really imagine his behaviour in the bar was any different?