In a recent piece I discussed those stupid bands which have more members than revenue – or in the case of My Life Story more members than actual fans. What completely slipped my mind was the strange case of Lambchop. You see Lambchop sound like they only have about five members – and that at a push. Yet a perusal of their sleevenotes will enlighten you to the fact that at any point in time they may well have about twenty members lurking around the stage. So why is this? Here are a selection of possible answers.

a) They are a group of remedial musicians and hence only get to play one note each on their respective instruments. This would explain why their songs are musically quite dour – they end up sticking between six or seven notes, six people on guitar, six on piano.
b) Because the music is so reliant oin its meaningful pauses, they actually employ people just to pause for them, literally playing the John Cage invented instrument the Silencio.
c) It is a new kind of prison invented by the US Department Of Correction to deal with persistent country music offenders.
d) Kurt Wagner talks so quietly, and slowly that by the time he?s got round to telling someone that they can?t join the band they have already picked up and instrument and started jamming along. All Kurt can do to rectify the situation is unplug them.