Suggestion that while British pop might be good, but British popstars are rubbish. Play (a lousy name for an album = a lousy name for a band) a Swedish girl group will be attempting to crack America with covers of great British pop songs of the last few years. And Honey To The Bee. Before your hackles rise at this blatant plagarism let us examine why exactly these bands have not had hits in the US before. Is it their lack of commitment coupled with the difficulty in cracking the States? After all, if you have screaming fans back in the UK, are you really going to slog around the Mid-West to K-BEG to perform a song you are already sick of? Plus the difficulty of making Atomic Kitten work in the US – those Scouse accents may have been cute in the sixties but do people really want to work that hard.

Plus of course the fact that Billie, Atomic Kitten – even Liberty X are not necessarily up to the homogenized standard of the average US girl group in the attractiveness stakes. To be fair – Atopmic Kitten ming and would scare thr orthodontist of any Californian.