SIGUR R?S – ( )

Come on people, did we not learn our lesson with Bjork? Iceland is full of evil, evil people who think nothing of drinking a skin full of Eagle Lager and pitching themselves off of buildings. Whilst I have nothing again heavy drinking, the plummeting aspect seems like the height of stupidity. Especially when you then don’t die and spend most of the rest of the year in the studio making music which can only be described as downbeat Radiohead. Music truly has no limits.

The R?s think they have cunningly designed an album in ( ) that is Tanya proof. How? Well every track is untitled, so how exactly am I supposed to slag off a track called . Well, using the clever concept of chonology I present a unique guide to hating Sigur R?s.

Track One is slow, proggy and has a block singing the word “Ysiyrr” over and over again for about nine minutes.
Track Two : see Track One.
Track Three : see Track One.
Track Four : see Track One.
Track Five : see Track One.
Track Six : see Track One.
Track Seven: see Track One.
Track Eight : see Track One.
And then, thankfully, seventy five minutes later it ends. In their blurb the band say that they want to capture the geography and beauty of their home nation in their music. And in many ways they suceed, with the exception of the beauty part. Much like Iceland they are a bit rocky and leave me cold.