I’m a big fan of cheeky charming chappies Blazin’ Squad, AND NOW I KNOW WHY!

NB – this info is from Popbitch. Take your salt and sprinkle it over your chips of disbelief as you will…

“Russ Ballard of 70s prog-rock band Argent was the genius behind classic rock hits like Rainbow’s Since You’ve Been Gone and God Gave Rock and Roll To You for Kiss. So what the fuck is he doing writing Love On The Line for Blazin’ Squad?”

Now if only he would turn his talents to Busted. Unlike Jel, I loved the fact that they were an unashamed boyband with guitars! Look at their toothy grins and synchronised scissor kicks! However, WHY O WHY did they have to duck from this fantastic route they were carving out by attempting to take the get-out clause of hem-hem credibility? Their Futurama-esque video replete with “cartoon” boybands falling off a “conveyor belt” was an instant smack to the head. Come on Busted, save yourself and release Dawsons Geek!

(I will be trying to find their album in the sales, FWIW)

THORT: it would have been GRATE if Blazin’ Squad had appeared on the “urban” Wotsits advert.