Narrowly beating out The Dum-Dums at having the most fitting band name, The Blockheads managed to pick on a fizgog which summed them up to a remarkable degree. I would always hate them of course, since not only were they were musicians but they were that particularly vile branch – technically accomplished musicians. Your average pop musician tends not to practice too much, right realising the more he hears his own painful playing the less he would want to do it. The TAM is so evil and vile that he wallows in mastering his instrument – even if it is the saxophone.

The Blockheads were also vile for almost inventing Jazz/Funk, and certainly responsible for smuggling it into the charts when everyone was distracted by their polio stricken lead singer. Now I have no intention of beating about the poor figure of Ian Dury with a rythmn stick, or even a shitty stick – leaving that for another time. Just to say though that his voice was like hearing Marvin The Paranoid Android made out of sandpaper on uppers. Certainly the one thing a bunch of technically accomplished musicians would not want over their oh so clever licks was a man making crap puns and swearing like a five year old. Instead they firmly tied their flag to the rusty ship that was Ian Dury so much so that they are still peddling his tunes whilst he has gone to Davy Jones locker (if only Davy Jones would). The only difference now is they let comedians like Mark Lamarr or Phill Jupitus take the role of court jester more undermining them and this so called great body of work.

Blockheads indeed.