RANDY NEWMAN – Short People

Is it just me but is Randy Newman’s baiting of short people not dissimilar to the kind of Nazi propaganda which was spread in the 1930’s against the Jews? Utterly foundless, logically flawed and just hateful. I mean do short people really have special cars made just for them that go “beep, beep, beep“? No, and anyone who remembers the nightmare of the Nuremberg rallies will remember Hitler’s similar tirade about “J’dische Autos, die gehen Honkhonkhonk”. And yet we villify one as the ultimate evil, and celebrate the other as some kind of genius singer songwriter.

Would we have let Hitler write the music to Toy Story (“Sie haben einen faschistischer Diktator in mir”)? It certainly bares thinking about. In the end the kind of person who propgates such hateful discriminatory lies is doing so because they feel inadequate within themselves. Well I certainly won’t argue that Newman is not inadequate on the songwriting front. But will you all speak out when they start dragging the dwarves off to concentration camps?