It’s a thin line between paper and hate
friends and snakes, nine millis and thirty-eights

Now it is relatively unclear what Mr Nastradamus is trying to say here. I would agree that when it comes to automatic weaponry and their armaments that possibly there is a similarity between a nine millimetre and a thirty-eight. Though actually the different is 29 mm, which is actually quite a thick line if you were going to draw it. Nevertheless his other comparisons beggar belief. Is there really a thin line between paper and hate? I must admit that I never considered calling this site I Paper Music. Paper cuts can be annoying but it is certainly not a synonym.

If I was a friend of Nas I would be a bit pissed off too. Unless I was too preoccupied dislocating my jaw so I could eat a whole egg and shedding my skin. In which case I would be happy to slither over to Nas’s place to hang with him like a vine until my unfortunately bestial nature overtook and forced me to pump my deadly venom into him – causing paralysis and death within seconds. Still, its a hard knock life eh Nas, and you did tell me to Hate Me Now. Encouragement that I frankly did not need.