2: BAND AID 2 : Do They Know Its Christmas

You see all I’ve said about the first release of this song below. Well that 2 after this version of Band Aid is squaring the awfulness of the song (and that’s times two for those not mathematically aware – eh Common). Its the same song, with the same stupid lyrics – but it is lended the additional gravitas that only Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue and Brother Beyond could give. With a muscular backing track from the Three Stooges of eighties pop – Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

The original Band Aid tune had been re-released about three times in successive Christmases – and the law of diminishing returns (not to mention the law of people not buying crap records) sets in. Of course the famine in Africa was over, so there was no need to torture the rich west with this song anymore. In Addis Abbaba (not to be confused with Addis Abba – the capital of Swedish Ethiopia) the kids were all saying “thank god its them instead of us”.

The worst, the very worst thing about Band Aid 2 is that it allows all Christmas compilations to have two copies of Do They Know Its Christmas on it. And the anodyne production is so anodyne that it isn’t even as funny as the original. I mean Sonia is a laughing stock, but she’s no Sting.

Oh and the only time Band Aid 2 is ever referenced in polite company now is to ask the pub quiz question – only one act was on both records. Only one act was depraved enough to sing the same lines over again – that whiny “Feeeeeeed The World”. Only one act of half wits felt that this would perpetuate their careers. Only one act could have been this evil.

Bananarama. Nuff said – consign this talent Titanic to a watery grave.